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Why use this service ?
  • In this Electronic Age - any document can travel from one corner of the world to the other at lighting speed at no cost.

    • There are still cases where a HARD COPY needs to be sent:
    • A Legal Document that must be signed on Original Government Stamp Paper.

    • A Proposal that needs to neatly printed in dazzling colors, collated properly and nicely bound with Plastic or Thick Stock Paper - may even be color, neatly spiral bound and delivered in several copies, within a stipulated time.

    • A Government TENDER/QUOTATION that must reach in a sealed envelope and submitted at a certain address, within certain specific time.

   That is what we do for you - to match your EXACT needs and specifications. We make it possible to get your document to its intended destination in specific format and within specific time. We make it possible for you to submit a HARD COPY document in Kolkata (or anywhere in India) - whether document is coming from Mumbai, Bangalore, Sri Nagar, San Francisco, California or Portland, Oregon, or Beijing,China - ON TIME, without having to send a 10 pound package through Federal Express or Global Priority Mail.

GIVE US A TRY. We offer very reasonable price for an outstanding service you can write home about